Bike Notes

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I realized I was the only member of the family without a bicycle. I took care of that:

It turns out buying a bicycle is like buying a house. It's just the beginning. A bike without accessories is like a house without furniture. Reserve a good chunk of your budget for after you've got the bike home. I might have gone a little overboard, but I wanted to use the bike for trips to work and to the farmers market, etc..

Here's what I got...







The rest of the family has had bikes for longer than I have. We all have MTX rear racks. We share a couple of Topeak MTX Rear Baskets, which are useful for hauling books to school or bringing to-go food home. They pair well with Delta Megarack cargo nets. For tail-lights, half the family has the Grateful Red USB and half has the Cygolite Hotshot 150. I guess we're running a long-term A-B test. I'm leaning toward the Grateful Red.

Fri May 22 00:23:22 2020