3ware Notes


Ever wondered how to get drives into JBOD mode on a 9550SX or similar 3ware controller? While this isn't recommended by 3ware, there are some good reasons to do it. First is if you want to be able to attach the drives to non-3ware SATA controllers and access the data. Second is to change the hot-plug behavior. If, as I do, you're using software RAID, the loss of "safety" is a non-issue.

The key setting is "Export JBOD Disks" under controller policies in the 3ware setup screen. This is accessed by pressing 3 or alt-3 after boot. If this is set, any virgin disks will by exported as JBODs automatically.

What if someone's already configured your disks into units, either single-disk or otherwise? You'll find that deleting the units doesn't turn them into JBODs. They just sit there as "available" but the OS can't see them. As far as I could find, there's no documented way to get them back to the pristine state. I think this is pretty rotten of 3ware.

The solution is to use the 3ware setup screen and the letter J. Get the available drive selected and press J. Save changes and reboot. Not documented, but effective.

Fri Nov 16 16:38:39 2007