Film Scanning

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The goal here is to explore VueScan's infrared cleaning and grain reduction features. We begin with a 10+ year old slide on Fuji Sensia 100. The image won't win any awards, but it works for this test.

The scans were done with a Plustek OpticFilm 7600i via VueScan 9.0 on a Mac. The important settings were as follows.

Once scanned, I batch processed the TIFF files with Photoshop as follows.

It's been reported that this scanner has a true resolving power of 3250 PPI. This is why I down-sampled the images. Apparently, the scan needs to be done at 7200 PPI to get true 3250 PPI.

IR: None, GR: None
IR: Light, GR: None
IR: Medium, GR: None
IR: Heavy, GR: None
IR: None, GR: Light
IR: None, GR: Medium
IR: None, GR: Heavy
IR: Light, GR: Light
IR: Medium, GR: Light
IR: Heavy, GR: Light
IR: Light, GR: Medium
IR: Medium, GR: Medium
IR: Heavy, GR: Medium
IR: Light, GR: Heavy
IR: Medium, GR: Heavy
IR: Heavy, GR: Heavy

Fri Jul 20 15:07:59 2012