Edge Sharpening Procedure

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Brand new skis come from the factory with sub-optimal edges. Used skis could arrive in practically any condition. Either way, it's probably best to do a "from scratch" job on each pair of skis when you first acquire them.

The focus here is pretty basic. Get a flat bottom, a 1-degree base angle, and a 3-degree edge angle. This configuration seems widely accepted as best for most people.


If you do this yourself, you'll need to spend money on tools. Paying a shop to do it may be cheaper. It depends on how many skis you'll do over the years, how much you want to be involved, and how much you trust a shop. Below is the set of tools I've found necessary. A great source is Tognar Toolworks.


For each ski:


It's useful to mark edges with a black Sharpie before each pass. You'll know the pass is over when all the black is gone.

Tue Mar 22 11:21:02 2011